About us

The house of St. Hippolyt, an institution of the diocese St. Pölten, is located in the centre of the regional capital St. Pölten. As a Christian house it is a place of hospitality for people who want to increase their personal, professional, creative and social competences. Welcome to everybody seeking advice in questions concerning life and faith and raising sociopolitical awareness.

St. Hippolyt stands for an up-to-date and varied programme. It is famous for its outstanding cuisine with regional roots. The staff of St. Hippolyt takes care of you with excellent service and our conference rooms have the best possible equipment. 

Please note the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt for all services of the House of St. Hippolyt as far as no other arrangements have explicitly been made.


Our guiding principles

We are one of the leading centers for adult education in Austria. Our sponsor is the diocese of St. Pölten. We organize events and seminars in adult education, provide rooms for all types of events and also welcome hotel guests. Our values and views are reflected in the way we treat with our guests and employees.

  • We welcome people regardless of their personal background. For us, inclusion is not just a value but an active verb: it is a choice that we make every day.
  • We are a people-powered system; our community and customers are the focus of our care.
  • We believe in lifelong learning, fostered by attentive and impartial listening or supporting each other. We create space for open dialogue between people. We have the courage to leave the familiar behind and embrace the new. 
  • We offer space for people who want to develop their skills and try out new things. 


Educational Worlds - our program 

"There is a lot to discover in our educational center. Each person is a world of their own. In encounters with others he/she opens up their world, becomes aware of it and at the same time redesigns it by getting involved with others. We are convinced that in all these worlds God is present. In the middle of the world she/he allows herself/himselfe be discovered. Encountering God is possible in many forms because She/He is always there. [...] The division of the programme info structure into five WORLDS serves as a guidance system to our program: Inner WORLD, Body WORLD, Relationship WORLD, Environment WORLD, Culture WORLD. In the printed program you will find a short description of each WORLD.” (E. Wagner-Walser)


High quality and sustainability are very important to us in all services we provide. Our efforts to make your stay as pleasant as possible are checked externally at regular terms  and certified by quality seals: ISO 9001:2015 | Ö-CERT | certNO | Ecolabel for tourism and leisure industry | Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Green Events.